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Youth Program Picture
Our Youth Programs:
We are dedicated to providing a safe and fun place for children of all ages to come and enjoy bowling. We have an incredible youth program and invite you to join. Contact Donnetta Hearn at 918-455-4616





Tuesday Wednesday Saturday
4:00 PM
For youth bowlers with
an average of 120-150
4:00 PM
For youth bowlers with
an average of 151-170
4:00 PM
For youth bowlers with
an average of 170 or higher
4:00 PM
ages 11 & under
2 Per Team
4:00 PM
ages 12 & older
3 Per Team
9:30 AM
ages 8 & under
2 Per Team
9:30 AM
ages 9-11
3 Per Team
9:30 AM
ages 12 & older
3 Per Team


Last Day of Fall Leagues Winter Leagues Begin

Tuesday – December 18

Wednesday – December 19

Thursday – December 20


Saturday – January 5

Tuesday – January 8

Wednesday – January 9

Thursday – January 10



Upcoming Events

October 26 – Trick or Bowl Tournament – B. A. Lanes – 5:00 p.m.

October 31 – Entry deadline for Joplin Tournament.  We will go November 10 & 11. Cost is $33.00

November 6 – 14 – 1st qualifying window of Pepsi during league bowling.  There is no   cost at this level. 

(Pre-bowl scores do not count toward this tournament)

November 10 – 11 – Coca-Cola Tournament – Joplin, MO

November 30 – Entry deadline for State Tournament to be held at AMF Boulevard Lanes in Edmond, OK.  We will try to go January 12 and 13.  Cost will be $48.00 for each person.

December 15 – Jingle Bowl Tournament – Broken Arrow Lanes – 12:00 noon

December 29 – Jr. Gold Qualifying Tournament – Sheridan Lanes

January 8 – 19 – Grand Prix Local Qualifying – 7th Grade & older.  You must be enrolled in the scholarship program.  This is bowled during league for 2 weeks.  Cost is $5.00 state fee.  I must have your grades from last year, 1st and 2nd semester before January 8th.

January 8 – 12 – 6th grade & under Scholarship Tournament, during league bowling.  You    must be enrolled in the scholarship program to be eligible.  There is no cost.

January 12 & 13 (Hopefully) State Tournament – AMF Boulevard Lanes in Edmond, OK

January 19 – Entry deadline for City Scholarship Tournament - $10.00 – Owasso.

January 26 – City Scholarship Tournament – The Lanes at Coffee Creek – Owasso.

February 5 – 16 – 2nd qualifying window of Pepsi during league bowling.  There is no cost at this level.  (Pre-bowl scores do not count toward this tournament)

February 16 – 17 – Grand Prix Regional – 7th grade & older

March 9 – 10 – Under 12 Eastern Sectional Pepsi Tournament – Ponca Bowl –Ponca City, OK

March 9-10 – State Grand Prix – Heritage Lanes-OKC

March 29 - Easter Hop Tournament

April 6, 7 & 10 – Family Two-Some Local Qualifying – Broken Arrow Lanes

April 27 – 28 – Pepsi State Under 15 – Holiday Lanes – OKC

May 4 – 5 – Pepsi State Under 20 – Holiday Lanes – OKC

May 18 – 19 – Family Two-Some State - Andy B's Tulsa

June 2 – Bowler of the Year - Firelake Bowl -Shawnee


Dates and locations may change

If you have any questions call Donnetta at 918-455-4616


Tournament Shirts

 The dress code for most tournaments is the USBC youth jersey that is provided to you through your youth membership.  You can also wear a shirt depicting bowling.  Shorts or skirts can’t be any shorter than your fingertips with your arms to your sides.  No hats or do-rags are to be worn while bowling unless there is a medical reason and you have a signed note from your doctor.  Jeans are allowed as long as they have no tears or holes in them.  If you question what you are wearing, don’t wear it. 

You may also purchase a tournament shirt for $30.00, they are black collar shirts with your first and last name on the back.

The State Grand Prix Scholarship Tournament is the only exception, you must wear slacks and a collared shirt.  This is strictly enforced.

Grand Prix Scholarship Program

Every league bowler can participate in the Grand Prix Scholarship Program.  The following simple requirements must be met, an annual registration fee of $5.00 and you must participate in at least one fundraiser a year earning at least $30.00.  Enrollment deadline is February 28.